My Cat Club: Beyond the first hour

My Cat Club: Beyond the first hour

August 18, 2022 from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Jono Shirley

Talk Description

My Cat Club was in an evaluation period with the 1.10 update; assessing players metrics, current feature performances and future opportunities. The PikPok’s Games User Research team had run many 1 hour playtest up to this point, accumulating a range of UX data that helped craft the game. However, we were asking ourselves, what was the player experience beyond this first hour? What was it like to play My Cat Club in the “real world”? So, the Research team decided to run a ~14 Day qualitative study using the Diary Study method to find out.

But, what started as a Diary Study quickly became a mixed methodological research approach to understanding how players play our games over a period of time, and ultimately a monumental research study for the My Cat Club project.

Talk Takeaways

Jonathan will discuss how we, as game developers, can use user research to provide practical insights into our player’s experience and will share first hand knowledge of crafting research studies and methodologies

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