No, your producer is NOT trying to kill you

No, your producer is NOT trying to kill you

August 19, 2022 from 1:30 pm to 2:20 pm

Speaker: Jon Cartwright

Talk Description

The job of the dev (internal) producer is woefully misunderstood. The job of the publishing (external) producer is similarly misunderstood. Despite what developers might think, their publishing producer is NOT trying to kill them/catch them out/screw them over and IS in fact there to help. A good relationship with your publishing producer is going to help smooth out the bumps that every game has during development. And you might just make a friend for life.

Talk Takeaways

Attendees to this talk will (hopefully) gain a newfound understanding of the role dev producers and publishing producers play in successfully bringing an indie game to market without unnecessary drama or bloodshed. Indie developers of all levels will learn what information a publishing producer is looking for, but more importantly why. Finally, find out why yes, you can move “Tightening up the graphics on level 3” to another milestone and not lose revenue share.

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