Physical Game Art: How 3D printing can improve your digital models

Physical Game Art: How 3D printing can improve your digital models

August 19, 2022 from 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm

Speaker: Nathan Walker, Lila Gibbens

Talk Description

This talk will be primarily about using 3D printing as a means of prototyping digital models and assets, providing a means to give a visual critique in the real world. 3D printing technology allows artists to see and touch their artwork, giving them a true “in the round” experience and can better inform digital models and their shape language. Printed models can also be modified and painted and then 3D scanned (ie. photogrammetry), creating a digital-physical-digital loop, allowing artists to experiment on tangible models with traditional tools and techniques and then bring them back into the digital workflow. The discussion will also touch on other uses of 3D printing in the game world, such as using printed models as a means to interact with games, much in the way that Nintendo’s Amiibos and Disney’s Infinity toys contain NFC’s to interact with on-screen game play. Finally, the talk will mention other uses of 3D printing such as producing collectibles, sculptures, and toys for game appreciation. There will also be tips given for how to setup your own models for a successful print, as well as discussions on the various printing technologies and some of the software used to generate your models.

Talk Takeaways

Attendees will learn about 3D printing techniques, the software used to both create those models and slice/prepare them for printing, as well as the various types of printers currently available. Some tips will also be given for having clean and successful prints. We will discuss the advantages of viewing your models in real life situations, versus solely previewing them on the screen, resulting in improved models for your games.
There will also be ample time for discussion and questions, for anyone who has ever wanted to dabble in 3D printing but wasn’t sure how to get started. This talk is open for people of all experience levels.

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