Planning Complex Projects Remotely

Planning Complex Projects Remotely

August 19, 2022 from 10:00 am to 10:30 am

Speaker: Ally McLean

Talk Description

This talk will challenge the idea that you must have “face to face communication” to effectively plan a complex project. Mighty Kingdom’s Development Manager Ally McLean will cover how the studio adapted the principles and processes of Big Room Planning or PI Planning to remotely plan milestones for a complex multi-team project. Including an introduction to Big Room Planning, a walk-through of how the team established a remote version of the process using tools like Miro and Discord and insights from real developer feedback surveys about the process. Though Big Room can be viewed as more of a “AAA” process, this talk will cover learnings for fostering alignment, team buy-in, and collaborative planning that are relevant for teams of all sizes and process maturity levels.

Talk Takeaways

This talk will cover ideas relevant to leaders and project planners of all types working on projects with multiple parallel streams of work. Main takeaways will be how the benefits of a process like Big Room Planning or PI Planning can be extracted using remote production processes, the practical learnings from multiple iterations on this process, as well as example frameworks that could be adapted for use in other studios and teams.

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