Practical Intellectual Property Advice for Game Developers

Practical Intellectual Property Advice for Game Developers

August 18, 2022 from 11:40 am to 12:30 pm

Speaker: Samuel Parkinson

Talk Description

Ever wanted to know more about Intellectual Property (IP) in the game development industry? Let’s talk about what your options are, what makes good commercial sense, and some common strategies used by others in the industry, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Topics to cover include the types of IP protection available, and some practical recommendations around what you should do depending on the size and commercial objectives of your business. A discussion of some high-profile uses of IP, and how these might affect you. What to consider when releasing a game globally, and what recent developments such as NFT’s and play-to-earn models might mean for you.

Talk Takeaways

If you develop video games, whether solo, or as part of a team, big or small, you will likely deal with IP all the time. This presentation is aimed at giving you a practical overview of the things to look out for, advice on what you can do to protect your IP and whether you should, and an overview of the IP trends in the gaming industry.

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