Roadmapping: Getting it (close to) right the first time

Roadmapping: Getting it (close to) right the first time

August 18, 2022 from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Calliope Ryder

Talk Description

It’s a familiar situation for many producers: you’re in the infancy stages of a game project with very few knowns except an elevator pitch, some USPs, and a bunch of suspiciously scopey-looking features. You may have some set parameters rearing their ugly heads too – perhaps time, or budget. How on earth are you meant to plan out an entire game’s development in advance?

This talk will cover an exercise Calliope has repeated and refined many times in both her roles as an in-house Producer and Production Lead for publishing agency GYLD: early stage roadmapping. Created from research on various project management methodologies, veteran production advice, and much trial and error, this method has successfully helped teams of widely varying sizes and budgets secure funding by creating accurate production documents from scratch. Whether you’re justifying costs for pitching or in the middle of a live development cycle, the strategies behind this method will help ensure your team and game is protected by solid planning.

Talk Takeaways

Attendees will learn how to assemble a roadmap planning team, how to define and plan out features and large bodies of work, how to consider resource and dependencies mapping, which metrics to base contingencies on, which digital and/or physical tools to use when roadmapping, and how to adapt this technique for both remote and in-person teams.

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