Smart Game Assets

Smart Game Assets

August 19, 2022 from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm

Speaker: Syros Pourlatifi

Talk Description

Creating 3D assets for a game is the most time consuming part of production. There are better ways of creating assets in less time. Syros will talk about creating multipurpose HDAs and how Houdini is changing and empowering game artists in this regard. He will be talking about creating tools that can be easily tweaked in order to create desired, art directable 3D assets, while they fulfilling the game design needs.

Talk Takeaways

You will understand the benefits of creating your assets procedurally and how to think as the 3D artists that will use your tools. While these topics will be discussed the audience will see the behind the scene and technical challenges of procedural asset creation. This talk is aimed for tech-artists, beginner to intermediate Houdini users and 3D environment artists with some technical knowledge.

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