Storytelling, a constant companion

Storytelling, a constant companion

August 20, 2022 from 11:00 am to 11:50 am

Speaker: Diana Diriwaechter

Talk Description

In this presentation, Diana will share her journey from growing up in a Swiss village where storytelling was an integral part of everyday life, to building a career in New York City using technology to tell her own stories and teach others to do the same. From working for 18 years at Blue Sky Studios in the traditional linear pipeline of animated feature films to the flexible real-time workflow she learned through the Unreal Fellowship, storytelling has remained her constant companion and guiding inspiration. Now working as the Education Lead for Epic Games, she uses her experience to inspire students and educators and help them find new ways to use and teach Unreal Engine for virtual production and filmmaking.

Talk Takeaways

This talk is beneficial for animation and film enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in learning how others have succeeded in entering the virtual production industry. It is also geared towards educators looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate technology and storytelling into their classroom.

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