Storytelling across Realities

Storytelling across Realities

August 18, 2022 from 2:25 pm to 2:40 pm

Speaker: Zach Dodson

Talk Description

The best stories have long provided the escape of a “virtual reality.” They’ve been constructed from words, paper, performance, sound, and film. Gaming and XR are relative newcomers that also use world-building, story, and sensory effects to transport audiences. What will their breakthrough stories be, what will the first great classics of this emerging art form feel like? When it comes to the successful combination of interaction and storytelling Marie-Laure Ryan said: “There is no recipe for achieving this feat.” Even if a recipe seems inadvisable, this short talk aims to provide a delectable ingredient list for masterful storytelling in the new Realities.

Talk Takeaways

The talk is aimed at a general audience who is interested in:

  • How other artforms have evolved medium-specific tools for successful story-telling, and the lessons learned from them
  • XR’s various sensate abilities, possible interactions and integrations, and weaknesses and strengths when it comes to storytelling
  • What the breakthrough stories might be like in the new Realities, and how we can get them right

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