The Granary : Our real-time narrative journey [Panel]

The Granary : Our real-time narrative journey [Panel]

August 20, 2022 from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm

Speaker: Amber Marie Naveira. Victor Naveira, John Perrigo

Talk Description

The Granary is a Creative Tech R&D Startup Studio. We are invested in the next evolution of content creation and in the developing convergence of filmmaking and game engine technology here in Aotearoa. We’re building multimedia narratives within a real-time space. Join us as we look back to look forward – a time where we will reflect upon our journey so far, as we move forward to fundamentally disrupt the traditional ways content has been produced.

Talk Takeaways

Aimed at those eager to learn more about the application of Virtual Production practices, methodologies and technologies who are considering transitioning themselves from a traditional narrative story driven space into the convergence of real time technology and the inspirational future of content creation.

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