Triadic Game Design Workshop

August 17, 2022 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Speaker: Heide Lukosch

Skill Level: Beginner+

The Triadic Game Design workshop introduces an approach to serious game design. It is based on the ‘Triadic Game Design Philosophy’ by Casper Harteveld.

In this gamified workshop, participants will craft the worlds of reality, meaning, and play, and combine them towards a serious game design. Design teams will work on short assignments to understand a problem, create a value proposition, and add playful elements to their design. The most creative team wins!

This workshop is interesting for all who want to know more about the characteristics of serious game design, and what challenges might be involved in this process. There is no need to bring any specific knowledge and skills, just the curiosity and openness to explore, and share ideas with a team. This workshop addresses conceptual design skills, and does not teach any software related programming skills. A maximum of 25 participants is ideal for this workshop.

The workshop will be held by Heide Lukosch, Associate Professor at the HIT Lab NZ, Head of the University of Canterbury’s Applied Immersive Games Initiative.

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