Trust and Discomfort: The Art of Intentional Improvement

Trust and Discomfort: The Art of Intentional Improvement

August 19, 2022 from 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm

Speaker: Jason Imms

Talk Description

Any team that hopes to find sustainable success needs to be willing to regularly and intentionally improve its game making practices and procedures. Most teams think they’re good at this, but often find they’re much more reactive than they are proactive. This talk will shine a light on these common blindspots, highlight (understandable, justifiable, relatable!) reasons teams fall into these behaviours, and share tips for how to start and manage these often difficult conversations. In his role at Mighty Kingdom and his previous life as a games and enterprise software QA consultant, Jason Imms is very familiar with teams that want to improve may not know how, where their blind-spots are, or how to justify the expense. Enterprise-grade practices are not out of reach for game makers!

Talk Takeaways

Aimed at project or discipline leads and senior staff who are hungry to improve how their teams work.
Dispelling common myths and misconceptions about flexible management methodologies like Agile.
Intentionally moving through the beginner, intermediate, and expert stages of methodology change.
Moving toward discomfort with vulnerability and transparency.
QA as a vehicle for cross-disciplinary change.
The importance of communication and full team buy-in.
Practical tips for generating highly valuable discussion, and deriving achievable actions.

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