Visual Storytelling in Modern Videogames

Visual Storytelling in Modern Videogames

August 18, 2022 from 2:25 pm to 2:40 pm

Speaker: Lukas Niklaus, Ruby Cumming

Talk Description

Great modern video games commonly share one thing: a compelling story. Lukas Niklaus, co-founder of Floating Rock Studio shares his visual storytelling tips, diving into how his learnings from 10+ years in the film industry can aid in effectively connecting with an audience in games. Floating Rock recently collaborated with A44 Games’s ‘Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn,’ on the trailer and game cinematics. Through this process they aimed to enhance what the gamemakers had imagined and help bring it to life through pre-visualisation, animation and cinematography.
Lukas will be joined by Ruby Cumming, Floating Rock’s production manager, who also brings ten years of experience in the film and VFX industries.

Talk Takeaways

This talk is aimed at those in the mid stages of their career. Learn how to level up your visual video game storytelling with the use of filmmaking techniques.

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