What I Wish I’d Been Taught About Software Architecture

What I Wish I’d Been Taught About Software Architecture

August 18, 2022 from 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm

Speaker: Alex Galbraith

Talk Description

Not so long ago, Alex was trying to learn about Software Architecture for game development. He found the resources available to either be too specific, too obvious, or not game dev related. This is the talk that would have given Alex a head start. It draws from university courses, books, and a lot of failure. The talk covers the philosophy, considerations, and process Alex has developed for (trying to) build robust systems. We will discuss how to build systems so they dont explode when they are changed, contracts and interfaces, dependency inversion, and other buzzwords.

Talk Takeaways

This talk is aimed at intermediate devs who are interested in Software Architecture. The audience will come away with an understanding of how to approach architecting a system, a general philosophy when architecting, and some resources to learn more from.

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