Denis Phoenix

Game Designer, Medusa Gaming

Denis has been working professionally in the gaming industry since 2011 as a news publisher, narrative writer, translator and editor, playtester, and, more recently, a designer. Denis has had a chance to work on projects published by companies such as Blizzard, Valve, Ubisoft, and many others. In the last 5 years Denis has been very closely involved in the gaming community in New Zealand, organizing and volunteering at tabletop conventions, helping run a local non-profit gaming organization, serving as a judge at PAVS ’21 and ’22, and a speaker at NZGDC ’21. Recently accredited in Game Design at CalArts and continuing his study of Creative Writing, Denis is currently heavily focused on tabletop game design, working on a solo Print & Play puzzle game; his in-depth research of this genre of games has been incredibly insightful, which inspired him to compose this talk and share his learnings with the community.

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