Diana Diriwaechter

Education Lead, Epic

Diana started out in CG Animation 25 years ago, starting in Post Production and then has spent 18 years specializing in first lighting and then procedural materials at Blue Sky Studios. As a Lead Artist, she guided materials TDs through multiple productions focusing on aesthetics, efficiency, and inter-departmental workflows. Her materials were recognized twice with VES nominations for her character work on Rio and Rio2. Besides specializing in Surfacing and Texturing she directed 2 shorts in development under 20th Century Fox/Disney and was part of Blue Sky’s Senior Creative Trust meetings where she provided feedback for other projects in development. In addition, teaching at NYU and SVA has given her the chance to collaborate and share her knowledge and love for Computer Graphics and storytelling.

Diana first had a chance to work with Unreal with the Unreal Fellowship and immediately fell in love with it. Coming from a story background she recognized what a powerful story tool Unreal is especially in the classroom and knew she wanted to continue to create with it and help others make their creative visions come to life.

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