Dmitry Novikov

Sound Designer

My name is Dmitry Novikov and I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1982 but moved to New Zealand in 2010.

I’ve been working as a sound designer and dialogue editor on international and indie feature films, television series and documentaries. I won the award for the best sound design for the short film “Zealandia” at LA Short Film Fest 2020.

I joined PikPok at the beginning of the year and have been working on the “Agent Intercept” and the other company’s titles as an experienced audio designer.

Sound is my passion. Since I remember myself I was always attracted to the sound, be it music, films, games or sounds of the world that surrounds us. Sound for me is a huge universe with many different worlds. My favourite worlds are sound for games and audio post-production. The marriage between latest tech and sound fascinates me with its emotional depth and technological complexity.

The world of sound is very diverse. Foley, Dialogue and ADR, Sound Effects, Sound Design and Music – they’re all different but each of them requires high attention to details and creative approach.

Every project is a new adventure. I immerse myself into a project by building new library of unique sounds and I try to use sound libraries as little as possible. As picture editors rarely use stock footage, I apply the same logic in my work. Highest possible attention is payed to Dialogue, as it is a crucial part of any game or film//TV series.

My goal is to bring every project I work on to a new level and significantly improve sound experience.

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