Francisco Monteverde

Francisco Monteverde or Kiko, as he’s known by colleagues and friends, used to be Códice Software’s CEO, the maker of Plastic SCM, and now he is a Senior Manager responsible for Unity’s Emerging Products,

He has more than 30 years of experience, including leadership positions in sales and marketing at Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and HP. He enjoys connecting with and listening to customers and partners. When a client has a question or concern about our products, he gets involved in finding a solution for them, even in complex matters such as a DVCS! His passion is to serve our customers and partners better than anyone else in the market.

I'm Speaking At

9:30 -

Unity ArtEngine and PlasticSCM

Rangimarie 1

This workshop will be in two parts. One on ArtEngine and using a materials processing system with an example based AI workflow and also one on Asset Management and Version control of co...

Art Programming and QA Workshop

Francisco Monteverde

Brian Gaffney

Victor Kam

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