Jason Keyser

Founder/CEO, VFX Apprentice

The visionary and chief pixel pusher of VFX Apprentice, Jason Keyser is a renowned FX artist, as well as a devoted VFX educator and student advocate. Jason has worked in entertainment as both a 2D FX and 3D VFX artist for 13 years, animating for the Powerpuff Girls, Arlo on Netflix, and multiple titles for Riot Games – including League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and several R&D projects.

While working full time at Riot, Jason created over 60 FX and VFX education videos on his YouTube channel, designed and taught courses for artists internally at Riot, mentored prospective FX artists, facilitated the VFX Bootcamp at GDC, and spoke at conferences to students and pros alike. Jason ultimately left Riot to commit full time to VFX Apprentice, training and lifting up FX artists across the world.

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