Jon Cartwright

Game Consulting

Jon Cartwright is a 30+ year games industry veteran. He started making games back in the UK in the 80’s, getting titles published whilst still a teenager. After getting a degree in Computer Science he started working for Big Red Software, coding 8 and 16-bit games for Codemasters. When Big Red Software was acquired by Eidos plc he moved into a production role, eventually running the studio. Following that he moved to Blitz Games running teams making titles for MGM, Fox Studios, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, THQ, and SCi. In 2004 he moved to Brisbane, Australia and joined THQ Studio Australia as Director of Production, managing IP and titles with Dreamworks, Games Workshop, Nickelodeon, and M Night Shymalan. He found and championed the student game de Blob inside THQ leading to the acquisition of the IP and the successful commercial development of the game franchise. After a couple of years spent running R&D for technology outside the games industry he returned to run production at KIXEYE Australia, launching MMORTS VEGA Conflict. He managed the studio as the game pivoted to Unity and mobile clients, and from dedicated server hosting to AWS. He next served as Commercial Director with Prideful Sloth, helping them launch Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on PS4, PC, Switch and, Xbox across the US, Europe, ANZ, Japan, Korea, and China, along with full retail releases for PS4 and Switch in the US, Europe, and ANZ regions. In 2019 he started and has worked with a variety of indie developers helping them budget, schedule, pitch and close publishing and distribution for their indie games. Recent successes include Windbound, from 5 Lives Studios, and The Forgotten City, from Modern Storyteller. He has also provided training to a variety of screen agencies, helping indie developers build pitch decks for grant applications, and to take their games to market. Additionally he works with Team17 managing a number of projects in development in the ANZ region and is always scouting for new titles.

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