Keir Rice

Co-Founder, NZXR

Since he was young, Keir Rice has had a goal of bringing the imaginary into reality.

Keir studied Design & Animation at Massey University, before joining the ranks of NZ game developers in 2008. He worked locally with the likes of Sidhe & Pikpok on console and mobile projects. Contributing to over 50 titles as Lead Technical Artist or subsequently as Analytics Manager.

With the rise of consumer Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality plays like Magic Leap & HoloLens, it was becoming clear that imaginary content was breaking free of ‘traditional’ screens. In 2016 Keir took another step towards the fusion of reality and imagination by joining Magic Leap & Weta Gameshop. He helped the team explore the new realm of Mixed Reality on Magic Leap hardware and provided pipelines and tools to help develop Dr. Grordboart’s Invaders. Most recently Keir has Co-Founded NZXR, a collective with immense experience in Augmented Reality and related technologies. NZXR is on the forefront of developments in AR and is working with a veritable who’s who of AR companies world wide, from right here in Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa.

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