Melanie Langlotz

Opportunity Wrangler, Geo AR Games

Melanie Langlotz trained originally as a digital visual effects artist and worked on many TV and film productions over the course of 20 years. Her passion for media and entertainment led to developing the world’s 1st digital playground experience “Magical Park” in 2015, after her stepdaughter, back then 7 years old, lost interest in parks and playgrounds. Her company Geo AR Games was founded with the initial purpose to get kids off the couch and physically active outside through educational mobile games. The ever-growing climate change issues drove the international development of new digital education experiences and innovative projects that won Ms Langlotz and her company Geo AR Games several awards and nominations. A steady interest in global collaboration and problem solving stimulated a new “pay-it-forward” business model which assists cities in getting their environmental messages out into their community.

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