Nathan Walker

3D Artist, CerebralFix

Born and raised in the seacoast of New Hampshire, Nathan spent much of his childhood adventuring in the woods, building tree-forts, and raiding his dad’s garage for spare parts to make all of his sculptural creations! Nathan’s studies led him to art schools on both coasts of the US; starting with sculpture and painting at the University of New Hampshire, then spending a few years in California studying animation and video, and finally finishing up his degree in illustration and education just north of Boston. An internship at Hasbro Games gave Nathan the chance to see his love of toys and his artistic drive combined into a potential career path. From there, his creative pursuits took him in a wide variety of directions: mayoral portraits, children’s book, magazine and comic book illustration, vector-based game art and animation, graphic design, logo creation, murals, and even a live TV art auction. However, his interest in public art and metal sculpture led him down his current path. He started learning digital 3D modeling and printing as a means to prototype his public art sculptures, creating renderings and physical models of what would become large metal installations. As he learned more about the modeling software and printing technology, he started to shift his focus onto endeavors that would give him the opportunity to further develop these interests. In 2018, Nathan made his way to the shores of New Zealand, and a few magical years later he was offered a position as a 3D artist for CerebralFix, where he is able to utilize his modeling and sculpting skills on a daily basis.

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