Paige de Vanny

Lead Matte Painter, Wētā FX

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Paige joined Wētā FX in 2016 as an Assistant Technical Director, supporting multiple departments across the VFX pipeline.

Working on a succession of projects such as War for the Planet of the ApesRampageGemini ManThe Suicide Squad and Marvel Studios’ Eternals, Paige has drawn on her artistic background and combined it with the technical skillset she acquired as an ATD to deliver anything from rendering, modeling, look-development, paint, scattering, projecting, and grading.

Paige enjoys the artistic and technical community of the VFX industry and relishes any opportunity to push the envelope with new tools and techniques. She also loves taking her craft back to its roots and can often be seen En Plein Air around Wellington’s scenic environs.

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