Paul Tobin

Creative Director, Arkus Games

Paul is currently the Creative Director at Arkus Games, Wellington, New Zealand. He was formerly an Art Director and Concept Artist at Wētā Workshop, where he worked on film, television and game projects notably; Peter Jackson’s and Guillermo del Toro’s “The Hobbit Trilogy”, James Cameron’s “Avatar” (and sequels), Andrew Adamson’s “Chronicles of Narnia”, Blade Runner 2049, “Ghost in the Shell”, “The Expanse”, Activision’s “Call of Duty:Vanguard” and Monolith’s “Shadow of Mordor”. Paul was also a senior creative on the award winning exhibition “Gallipoli: Scale of Our War”. Paul is involved with a number of on-going creative projects. He founded New Zealand’s first science fiction and fantasy art-book anthology White Cloud Worlds (2010). This led to the creation of the entertainment convention “Industry of Imagination” (2016-17). Most recently Paul has returned to his gaming roots and co-founded a board game company called Arkus Games (2019). He is also an advisory board member at the Concept Art Association (USA).

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