Rob Vickery

Founder and Managing Partner, Hillfarrance Venture Capital

Rob is the Founder and Managing Partner at Hillfarrance Venture Capital and an entrepreneur-turned-VC who has been investing at the frontiers of technology since 2012. He has made over 50 investments into startups and had multiple exits to publicly listed companies. Hillfarrance invests in Kiwi entrepreneurs who are solving the most complex global problems that matter. Hillfarrance has a strong interest in the gaming sector, and, in addition to titles, they are particularly excited about the application layer of game development. Rob is a Global Ambassador for BAFTA Games and was most recently a judge of Britain’s Best Game category. He has been a committed gamer since 1991 and enjoys getting lost in open-world saga’s, building cities and armies in RTS games, and kicking rear-ends in Titanfall 2 when he can find a player! He is married to Diana, and they have two sons, Arthur and James, and a Siberian Husky named Luna.

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