Sakthi Priya Balaji Ranganathan

Sakthi is a hands-on entrepreneur with expertise in digital design, cross-functional team
development, human-computer interaction (HCI), and extended reality technology. Through
creative foresight, drive, and resoluteness, he built JIX Reality as high-growth startup research
focused on commercializing extended reality technologies (VR, AR, MR) for the New Zealand
market. Sakthi is a ‘maker’ at heart who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and push the limit of
what’s achievable digitally. JIX Reality was born in 2017 when he noticed a void in applying XR
tech research to real-world problems. As a self-sufficient innovator, Sakthi is skilled in creating a
vision and leading teams from the start of the project to explore new models and implementation
approaches while keeping the focus on the return on investment.

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