Zea Slosar

Project Manager, Die Gute Fabrik

Following a past life as a graphic artist and illustrator, Zea has spent the last decade in production and project management across software, film, and games. She has worked on dozens of releases such as AAA titles Arma 3 and DayZ, as well as commercial VR experiences, and several award-winning indie games, including art of rally, Mini Motorways, and Alto’s Adventure & Odyssey – Remastered. Zea is a certified Scrum Master and Agile Leader from the teachings of Clinton Keith. Zea is an avid proponent of human centered practices, focusing on nurturing safe and effective development environments, enabling teams to craft the best games possible. Her superpower is creating production processes that even the most production-averse developers can enjoy. Zea’s currently working as a Project Manager at award-winning international studio Die Gute Fabrik on their next big thing. Say hi to Zea with a picture of your pet on Twitter!

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