The benefit of female centric design in video games

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 11:55am

I am a conceptual design student completing my last year at Massey, over the past three months i’ve been developing my thesis around female centric design within the video game industry.The ultimate goal of this thesis is to educate, combat bias and promote the benefits of video game design for women. By highlighting the importance of feminist game design, my study hopes to add to the current shift we are seeing in the industry. Developing games for women is a complex endeavour due to systemic issues and gender data bias within the game industry. Understanding how women are restricted and excluded is vital in developing a framework that encourages and builds female-centric design and narrative. My aim is to create a loose framework based on feminist theories, statistics, and key theories in Caroline Criado Perez’s book Invisible Women, which can be applied to concept and pre-production design when developing video games.

About the speaker

Paris Jagger is a Honours student completing their last year at Massey’s college of creative arts. Majoring in Concept design she’s been studying for the past 4 years here in Wellington, enjoying the arts and culture that the capital has to offer. Throughout their academic career they have excelled in multiple aspects of design and have curated a deep passion for video games and the new zealand gaming industry. After gaining her first job as a research intern at PikPok over the past summer, Paris has thrown herself head first into the production side of game development and has found a fulfilling love for market and games user research.