The Fundamentals: Before You Apply With NZ CODE

Date: Friday 1st September


The talk will address the fundamentals of setting up a “commercial indie game development company” with one eye to seeking funding through NZ CODE. The talk isn’t about applying for CODE grants, but rather focuses on addressing all the things an indie dev has to have sorted on their journey before they start an application.

About the speaker

Vee is a former Managing Director of a small video games studio in Perth specialising in work for hire projects, VR and quirky, humorous First Party Projects. After years of advocacy for the sector she pivoted and implemented the video games stimulus programs at Screenwest, South Australian Film Corporation (in its current form), consulted on Screen Tasmania and has also worked for Screen Queensland and Creative Victoria on various projects. In October 2020, she was hired as Operations Manager at the New Zealand Centre Of Digital Excellence (CODE) and drives their internal grant programs. She enjoys studying history, dark electronic music and being annoyed at things.