The Game Developer's Spy Network

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 10:05am

This is a talk primarily focused on building a contacts list. Using team building thought exercises and interpersonal dynamics, people can view their friends as misfits to lean upon in times of need. Instead of framing it in corporate or workplace jargon, this instead focuses on a more espionage theming. It is aimed at reaching people who are struggling to build a contacts list. By the end of the talk, people should come away with a new framework of understanding how to leverage their friends and extended contacts.

About the speaker

Samara-Jade Sendek is a narrative designer, writer and QA wench based out of sunny Naarm. (Or so-called Melbourne.) While transitioning into the deadly sistergirl that the TERFs fear, she brewed her own fermented tea and bootlegged it around her home. Now specialising in working with large and established IP, she’s here (with no fear) to bring your game worlds to life. Right now, she’s working on a G-14 Classified game.