The Last of Us

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 2:20-2:50pm

Speaker: Simon Jung

Join The Last of Us VFX Supervisor Simon Jung as he talks through Wētā FX’s work on the iconic video game inspired series. Simon will talk through the complex creature and environment work that was conducted across Joel and Ellie’s desperate journey through post-apocalyptic America.

The hero characters are faced with the disgusting reality of cordyceps in the guise of several horrifying creatures. The development of these creatures required Simon and the team to combine different tools and techniques to portray the fungal deterioration in a way that complimented CG artistry with the practical effects and prosthetics used on set.

Showcasing the work behind the big FX-heavy cul-de-sac battle, Simon will also share how the team approached the reveal of the monstrous 7-foot Bloater and dressed the chaotic warzone with fire, blood splatters and flying chunks of human flesh.