The PikPok Medellín (Colombia) Journey

Date: Friday 01 September
Time: 10.30am – 11.00am

How did our Colombian studio become part of the PikPok team, and what did we learn in the process?

About the Speaker
Natalia Alvarez is the Manager of the studio PikPok acquired in Colombia to create their Latin American location. She supports teams and people to succeed and develop their personal and professional potential.

Although she has a technical background in Engineering Informatics and has been a lecturer in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics, the last 15 years of her life have molded her into a compassionate leader. She co-founded Wizard Fun Factory, a company that provided game-related services to the advertising market in Colombia, and worked as Project Manager and General Manager at her own company all her professional life. She loves improving processes and helping herself and others to be their best version, which led her to a SCRUM master certification and recently to a certified Transformational Coach.