Think Like a Player. Make Better Games, Get Better Reviews

Date: Friday 1st September

Time: 4:55pm

In the last five years I have produced and directed five top 10 hits all with 95%+ user review scores. But there’s a method to our madness!

From applying the lessons I’ve learned shipping these games as well as in my last 10 years shipping video games, me and my teams have been able to put out better experiences for our players each and every time. Culminating in the overwhelming success of ULTRAKILL, which will have sold one million copies by the time it’s reached v1.0 with a 98% user review score making it the highest rated first person shooter in the history of Steam (not made by Valve themselves)

Starting at the very beginning of your game with the first time user experience I will show developers how every single thing matters from the second the player boots their game until the final credits roll.

About the speaker

Dave Oshry is the head of New Blood Interactive and one of the most prolific independent game development CEOs working in the industry today. Known to players for the string of best selling, top rated indie hits DUSK, AMID EVIL, ULTRAKILL, GLOOMWOOD and FAITH. Unfortunately, you probably know him from social media instead.