Git For creatives

Date: Friday 1st September


Git is a powerful, free source control solution that’s great for programmers, but I think it’s under-acknowledged that it delivers relatively few benefits for Art, Design, and other creative disciplines. I talk about the what and the why of Git, to make its preferred workflows less opaque to Creative devs, so that their Git experience is less painful. I also compare alternative source control options, discuss engine integrations, touch on LFS and file locking as things that Creatives should consider including in their setup, and dive into practicalities for dealing with merge conflict resolution. The goal isn’t to make the experience of Git pleasant for Creatives, but to reduce its mystery, and through that to make their Git experience more positive.

About the speaker

Mark’s worked in games and adjacent tech for most of a 20-year career in programming. He worked for PikPok for seven of those years, and after a stint in the US working in healthcare and device metrics, is now is leading a team of programmers on Wētā Workshop’s upcoming Middle-earth title.