Visual development and magic objects - teaching transmedia game design.

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 10:05am

This talk will discuss the teaching, design and development of a nature-based narrative for Massey’s 2nd year Concept Design students. Through the Concept Design process – the unpacking of story, character and world – our students learn to understand how to explore and develop visual approaches when designing for interactive narratives. Students work in teams to create conservation and culture-based narratives, which are then developed into visual, interactive and tangible outputs through two transmedia-focused briefs. We will discuss the pedagogy, how we approach the brief as a visual challenge and the varied creative outcomes students deliver.

About the speaker

Claire Hackett studied Visual Communication Design and received her Master of Design from Massey University in 2013. She is part of the White Cloud Worlds collective and has exhibited in Germany, the USA and New Zealand. Claire has worked for Wētā Digital on several feature films, including Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and Avengers Assemble, where she worked in the digital cloth department. As an Art Director at Mechanic Animation, Claire created 3D sets and assets for Marvel Television on shows such as Avengers Assemble, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel Rising. She is also credited as Series Director for storyboards, previz and animation for Pango Production’s The Exceptional Squad, and as Story Director for Pukeko Picture’s Kiddets. She has also taught and coordinated papers in graphic design, illustration and animation at Massey University. Her freelance portfolio includes pieces created for Lift Education, Learning Media, Massey University and Saatchi and Saatchi – a project which won the team bronze in the 2011 DINZ Best Awards.

Paige Koedijk has industry and personal experience in many roles involving concept design, illustration, storyboarding, 2D & 3D animation, 3D asset creation and physical and digital pop toy sculpture. Paige has worked on several film and television projects in Aotearoa for both local and international clients, including Kiddets, Kiri and Lou, Lil’ Wild, Eva the Owlet and 5 Marvel animated TV series. She has worked with local clients Department of Conservation, and World Wildlife Fund NZ in the development of 2D animations demystifying dry data for the understanding of a wider general audience and sharing local pūrākau mai te moana of Kiwi during the COVID-19 lockdown, reflecting on the change of our oceans over a single generation. She recently was 2D lead at Wrestler Inc., developing the look of their sci-fi teen world Soul Aether.

Tanya Marriott is a multidisciplinary designer who works in various media, including interactive design and play, character and toy design, experience design and animation. Her work seeks to build meaningful experiences and storytelling opportunities between digital and tangible activities. She is an internationally recognised and exhibited figurative sculptor in doll and toy design and is the President Emeritus of the National Institute of American Doll Artists; and an alumna of the Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin. Tanya worked on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for Wētā Workshop and Three Foot 6; as a stop-motion artist for Bowes Productions and Aardman Animation; and as a commercial toy designer for Seven Towns and Evolve in the UK. Tanya is also a World of Wearable Art artist, designing 12 award-winning garments. Her more recent location-based projects, Wildbase Recovery and Tweetme, received international Red Dot design and DINZ best awards for conceptual design. She is finishing her Doctorate this year. Her project Wildplay – an exploration into Eco-fiction character toy design, aims to design a series of character toys that embody an eco-fiction narrative and are an ecosystem.