Voice Acting: Starting Your Career!

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 3:30pm

This talk will be aimed at those starting in the industry of voice over and those with an early career. I’m going to be talking about how to start ones journey into the industry for voice over primarily aimed at video game voice acting as well as animation. I’ll be going over: -What mindset you should have going into voice over. -Who to talk to and how to talk to them. -How create a home studio and what equipment you should look at. -Where to look for auditions and how to audition. -How demos are made and what makes a good demo. -How to present yourself to agencies, directors and producers. -Resources for acting that will most help a voice over career. -Questions if time allows.

About the speaker

Daniel Denova Humpage is a voice over artist based in Wellington known for an extensive range of voices specialising in character work for games and animation. Trained as an actor and with experience in multiple productions and gigs, with many voice types, and accents. They have been voice acting since they were 16 years old. Acting since they were 5.

Vikram Rajan is a voice actor based in Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in work for characters in animation, video games, visual novels, tv shows, films and more. Vikram is a seasoned voice actor of 6 years but in regards to his acting journey, he has been acting since he was 7 and is set to complete his Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts majoring in Acting in one of NZ’s top acting schools: Unitec. Vikram’s reach has been able to extend beyond New Zealand and has worked with many clients, directors and companies all over the world such as the US, Canada, China, Ireland and more!