Why Every Studio Needs a Mum

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 1:40pm

Developers just starting out in business underestimate both the importance of administration and HR or staff support-related tasks, and how much time it takes to do them well. I will be speaking from the standpoint of an experienced administrator and manager, as well as a mum of three. I will emphasise that the “mum” role should NOT default to the “studio’s only female”, although it often does. There will probably be really cringy mum memes.

About the speaker

Anna and Sam Barham founded Balancing Monkey Games in 2017, and Anna picked up the role of Managing Director in September 2020. Prior to this she managed a medical centre for five years, gained an MSc in Psychology, and has worked in fundraising, administration, volunteer coordination, and tutoring disabled adults.