New Zealand Game Developers Conference

August 17-20, 2022 Wellington, New Zealand

Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand

Together in Motion

While 2021 was the year of adapting – to new ways of working and living in the world – 2022 is about moving forward “Together in Motion.” Some days it has felt like we are innovating and collaborating in more ways than ever before, propelled by a newfound sense of purpose and collective camaraderie. Other days, we have pushed one foot in front of the other just to get through as a third pandemic year takes its toll on our community.

Together in Motion has a multilayered meaning for us. Together as an industry, we are hitting our stride like a train that has built momentum and is reaching full speed. We see global successes, studio startups and government recognition coming in regular waves now. Our organisation is transforming too, as it seeks to match this pace and growth with the resource structures needed to support our members’ aspirations.

From this new resourcing we see opportunities we can now take to collaborate across our own industry, and beyond to other industries, whose people and passions meet ours in the nexus where storytelling and technologies collide. And so our conference programme grows to recognise the learning and networking opportunities for us in spaces like Virtual Production.

We’re looking forward to having you with us and joining in these exciting conversations during NZGDC22.

NZGDC 2021 | Official Highlight Video


We can all relate to adaptability – in the last year, Covid has displaced many workplaces and we’ve had to create solutions for communicating online, meeting through Zoom, and implementing remote-friendly processes. Adaptability can come in many forms, and we want to celebrate all the ways that you and your teams have been able to come up with new ways of doing tasks and finding new solutions. We’re all adapting in different ways, whether it’s striving for equality in the workplace, having to learn new tools & programs as technology advances, or adapting to shifts in the gaming industry and following market trends, platforms, genres and changes in player behaviour. We’re all starting to get familiar with the idea of changing, so why don’t we pause for a second to discuss and recap some of the best ways we have found in doing so. We’re looking forward in having you with us and joining in the conversation during NZGDC22.

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