Designing for Profound Experiences in Games

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 9:25am

Games that have the power to teach, heal, and transform are steadily gaining traction, but clear framework for how to design for such experiences in video games is still lacking.

This talk is an adaptation of my third-year research paper which tackles the question: how do we purposefully design our games to foster profound experiences in their players?  I’ll propose a rudimentary formula, explain some of the key research behind it, and illustrate my points by exploring three games that do this incredibly well but in very different ways: Journey, What Remains of Edith Finch, and The Witness.

About the speaker

Cleo is a 3D artist and social psychology graduate with a lifelong passion for narrative design and the power of games to move their players.  When she’s not modelling or writing, you’ll find her making resin dice for TTRPGs.