"It depends": A UI Artists journey with UX Design

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Time: 11:55am

I am someone who is still new to the industry and have always had an interest in UX while still wanting to remain a UI artist. There are a lot of things I learnt over the years but being shifted into a more UX centric role has brought about new learnings. This talk will show all my tricks and learnings that not only helped me in the UX journey but also what I shared with teams in order for them to understand UX and the UI process better. Also explaining how it is crucial for all UI artists to understand UX but also the importance of learning a shared language with design, tech, art and of course games user research.

About the speaker

Larisa is an Experienced UI Designer at PikPok with a passion in her craft. Gamers are what drives her in her career. Seeing the impact that video games have had on her growing up, Larisa has always strived to do the same for the next or current generation of gamers (through the UI). Larisa isĀ  someone who likes to break the bias everyone has towards UI design and show just how powerful it can be.