MASTER CLASS: Levelling Up: Getting Investment for Your Studio

TIME:  8:30am – 12:00pm

Description: Ever wondered how to get investment for your studio or want to learn about the investment process? Hillfarrance Venture Capital presents the “Levelling Up” Masterclass, a workshop uncovering the ins & outs of getting your studio ready for investment, how venture capital works & what you should expect once you do get money in the bank. We’ll be talking about real-world case studies, and you’ll get to learn from people who have been there and done that.

Workshop Content & Agenda:

Time Event
8:30am Kickoff & Introduction
8:35am Building the founder mindset and The Idea
9:05am “Setting up your studio for success” by Tompkins Wake
9:35am What’s next for your studio once you set it up?
9:50am An Introduction to Raising Capital & The Pitch
10:20am “The Capital Raising Process & What to Expect?” a case study by Space Rock Games
10:50am Break
11:00am “Creating a Kickass Trailer” by Floating Rock Studio
11:30am Considerations and where you go from here
11:50am Final Closing Remarks  

About Hillfarrance:
 Hillfarrance is the venture capital firm that invests in the future of media, content & video gaming in New Zealand.

About Tompkins Wake: Tompkins Wake is the law firm that clients turn to for help on the matters most important to them. They use their collective knowledge and expertise to develop solutions to the complex and sophisticated challenges their clients present.

About Floating Rock Studio: Floating Rock Studio specializes in providing high-quality animated cinematic experiences and slick visual effects.

About Space Rock Games: Space Rock Games is a next-generation video game studio building a cooperative medieval fantasy game called “Criminals Within”

PRESENTERS: Rob Vickery and Alex Dam

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